Bento Wanna be

Bento box lunches are awesome!   Today’s creations are inspired by the talented Japanese women whose blogs showcase their gorgeous bentos.   The ingredients they use appeal to an Asian palate and umeboshi plums and tofu cakes would never work for my brood.  I’ve searched for the perfect authentic bento boxes but I just haven’t been able to find what I want.  Ikea had these cute stacking containers and cookie cutters and I decided to use them to create a bento lunch for two picky American boys using decidedly Western ingredients (Ranch dressing).   I hope my Laura and Kerry get a chuckle from my amateurish but honest efforts…

I’m all for full disclosure and transparency in my posts.  I set up this photo on the kid’s table and I will tell you that the magic of iPhoto editing allowed me to eliminate the dried food smears not hidden by the dishtowel and one green Lego.  I would have cleaned the table and removed the Lego had there not been a very curious and greedy and FAST 2-year old hovering over my composition with evil intent.  A Mom had to do what a Mom has to do.


One response to “Bento Wanna be

  1. I got mentioned in a blog!! I’m famous! Another great addition!

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