I hope all my mommy friends had a wonderful, well-deserved day of fun and relaxation!  Today is Tuesday and Mother’s Day already feels a million years ago.  Sigh.  At least the lovely tulips and irises my dear hubby gave me maintain their cheeky pinks and purples.

Oh, an ode to motherhood and all its intrinsic embarrassments.  I’m teaching my four-year old to identify rhyming words and on Mother’s Day he came to me and said, “Mommy nine and wine are rhyming words”.  Um, yes dear they are, that’s wonderful! I replied.   Today he is at pre-school and I will certainly cringe if the school’s comes up on my phone’s caller-ID.

Berried Treasure

Our culinary adventures this past weekend revolved around berries!  Strawberry and blueberry season is upon us so I took the boys to Pappy’s U-Pick.  I really wanted to make the trip worthwhile and pick enough blueberries so I would have some to freeze. Obsession overcomes ambitious people when faced with a challenge.  I had six quart-sized baskets to fill with tiny berries and berry bushes as far as the eye could see.  I knew that the bushes closest to the parking lot would be the most picked over so we headed for the far corners.  The refrains “I’m thirsty”, “no shoes”, “I’m thirsty”, “no shoes” did nothing to hold back my goal.

My Little Big Boy

While I focused on selecting the plumpest, bluest berries, I kept the boys close to me by warning about the snakes lurking under the bushes.  I hope they don’t have a snake phobia now.  Just as my hand detached a berry and dropped it in the basket my eye would land on MORE berries just an arm’s reach away.  The berries were poetically plump vibrant ruby and sapphire orbs.   And they were perfectly sweet!  We filled six baskets and even improvised a container from the hat one of the boys wore.  I will definitely make another trip out there soon.

My Little Boy

On the way home, we stopped at a fairly decent farmer’s market located in the parking lot of an open-air, big box shopping mall.  I scored two red peppers and a yellow pepper, four young zucchini, and three plump tomatoes for $5.   Then I went home and pulled out the cookbooks.  Little did I anticipate a derailment….

Learning new things reportedly keeps the mind young.  Being a mom requires juggling multiple tasks while changing direction at a moment’s notice in response the dilemmas life throws to you.  Long story short, my camera croaked this weekend.  Buoyed by my successful produce shopping, on Mother’s Day I prepared a lovely meal of Summer Vegetable Stew with Herb Butter and Yeasted Sugar Cake with Blueberry Compote.  I artfully arranged dinner and dessert plates for photos and snapped away until I noticed that the photos looked like I had smeared the lens with Crisco.  Great for Garbo’s close-ups, not so much for plates of food.  I fooled around with the camera settings but had no luck.  So while I am dying to share the recipes, the absence of photos just won’t do.  Just a minor hitch in the plans.  I must admit my photography skills have a lot of room for improvement so, on the bright side of things, today I will shop for a new camera.  SLR digital cameras, a stretch for my budget and my skills, seem to be the food photographer’s camera of choice.  And you dear reader can eagerly anticipate my post with the mouth-watering recipes and accompanying photos.

I did at least manage snap a few adorable pix of my cuties at the berry patch.  And I still put together a post for today taking just a slight detour from my original plans.

p.s. The photo of the boxes of berries was my camera’s grande finale.  RIP Casio Exilim.


4 responses to “Detours

  1. We got our little beginner DSLR at best buy on sale for around $500. Not cheap by any means but the sale made it worth it. They might still be on sale there. Happy shopping!

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  3. I understand completely. I went with a “bridge” camera, not quite a SLR and not a point and shoot and I hate it. Plus, it wasn’t super cheap. I recommend saving up for the SLR. I wish I had!

    BTW, we were going to go blueberry picking near the lake house this weekend and when my mom heard about snakes, she freaked and wouldn’t let me take the kids. lol

    • That’s hilarious about your mom! I totally made up the snakes although I’m sure they really were everywhere LOL. Thanks for the advice on the camera. I probably would have gotten something similar to what you have if you hadn’t told me!

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